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About Ruve

Ruve is more than just a children's clothing brand—it's a dream nurtured with love and dedication. Founded with a vision to redefine kids' fashion, we believe in blending sophistication with comfort to create outfits that reflect the unique personalities of every child.

About the Founder

As Divyashree Suresh Babu, a seasoned data analyst with nearly five years of experience in Europe and a devoted mother of two. my lifelong passion has always been to create a kids' clothing brand that embodies elegance, quality, and affordability. Inspired by my own journey as a parent and professional, I founded Ruve with a mission to offer discerning parents a curated selection of classy, boutique-style clothing at affordable prices. From selecting premium fabrics to designing timeless silhouettes, every aspect of Ruve is infused with my passion for both fashion and family. I believe in creating a shopping experience that is as enriching as it is accessible.